The only composite that makes every model unique

Saint Luc’s innovative composite is the perfect natural fibreglass solution. It is a composite consisting of the intimate union between reinforcing linen fibers and a resin matrix, which keep the fibers compact.

The composite strength material is due only to the reinforcement fibres. It took many years of research to perfectly control the production of linen fibres and thus obtain a lightweight, high-performance, renewable and recyclable composite material.

Linen is the perfect natural solution

Although it has similar mechanical characteristics to fiberglass, the linen fiber is much lighter, but mostly it is sufficient one tenth of the energy needed to create the glass fiber to produce it instead. These production processes implemented by SAINTLUC are the result of a wise harmony between the most advanced technologies in the composite industry and the deep knowledge of materials and craftsmanship processes.

The biodegradable fiber

The linen selected for the production of these fibers is grown in Normandy and is recognised as the best in the world. An excellence that is due to three favorable factors: the composition of the soil, particularly suitable for the cultivation of linen, a favorable microclimate and the know-how of expert “linicultori”, lovers of the linen optimal quality. Moreover, the linen cultivation is rotating and therefore does not exhaust the soil. It needs very few fertilizers and, as in the case of good wine, does not provide any irrigation. The plant transformation into fiber respects the surrounding environment and does not produce waste in contrast to other artificial fibers.
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