Jean Philippe Nuel

Grown up in a family of architects, Jean-Philippe Nuel draws his inspiration from experience and has chosen designing hotels as his preferred form of expression. Each project has a precise stylistic mark and an original personality that at the same time avoids both the heavy and sumptuous decorations, and the anonymous, flattened design.

As a set designer would do, Jean-Philippe Nuel animates the places he imagines, creating real “characters” that live in the cities and countries where they are set.

“I love to design places to dream and live in, mirrors of our lives, our desires. I like that they are close to us, but also that at the same time transcend our daily lives”.

This enthusiastic creative philosophy is also reflected in the design of accessories; the aesthetic concept of Jean-Philippe Nuel is revealed in all his projects: simplicity free from any artifice, but at the same time expression of an obvious originality.



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