«I come from the world of composite materials. I am fully aware of their properties and potential, as I have long applied them in the automotive field and aeronautical research and development. Later, the desire to experiment and explore new horizons led me to test these materials in a universe less subject to rigid industrial standards, but more free and open to the “form” and “aesthetic use” concept: the world of design.» This is how Frédéric Morand tells how the Saintluc brand is born: the new proposal in the design world that combines material research, technology and craftsmanship. «By replacing glass and carbon fibres with linen fibre , I have created a new natural process that I like myself to call the “union” between the soul and Saintluc creations DNA: a precious alliance between strength, resistance and elegance.» For Saintluc, every creation comes from the encounter between people and the sharing of ideas. Today, Jean-Marie Massaud, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, and Jean-Philippe Nuel took part in this adventure, designing the new Saintluc creations.
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